Anyone relocating their office will agree to the fact that the process is indeed quite stressful and complicated. Whatever the reason is for you to be planning on moving to a new location, you can ease the process by approaching an experienced company offering office removal services. Not only will they customise a suitable removal package according to your budget and requirement but they will also offer the best packaging services too. This will give you the assurance that no important item is left behind in your old office.

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4 Tips to Follow When Packaging Items for Office Removals in Somerset

  • Storage Cabinets

Approach an experienced company offering office removals in Somerset and their removal experts will empty the storage cabinets and pack the contents into labelled moving boxes. The drawers are locked and secured using packing tape also the keys of the storage cabinet drawers are also safely placed in a separate place.

  • Filing Cabinets

Unless you have excess money to make new filing cabinets in your new office, moving the existing ones from your old office can help you save a few pounds. Experienced professionals offering office removals know how to move these filing cabinets with all the files intact. They first ensure that all the drawers are securely locked and then put the keys in labelled envelopes.

  • Shelves

Having an adequate number of shelves in your office is a must as it becomes easier for you to store all the important official documents. Since these shelves generally have an open-structure, you have to unload and pack the contents in separate boxes while the shelves are being relocated. You might also have to disassemble the shelves before moving if it is a large one.

  • Desks

Large envelopes and plastic bags are used to pack the loose office supplies like paper clips, tacks and pens before the desks are packed for moving. If you have some personal items like plants, pictures or decor on the desk, you can carry them personally to the new office. Professionals offering packaging service in Somerset ensure that all the drawers in the desk are locked and tapped properly before they are loaded into the moving van.

Few More Quick Tips To Follow When Packaging For Your Office Move

  • Use separate colour codes for each floor, room and department. Make a comprehensive list of the colour code and distribute it to the employees.
  • Not only should you label every item but you should also ensure that the label is legible and visible. This will help you identify the items in your new office.
  • Prepare a final inventory comprising of all the items you are willing to move. This will help you to make an accurate count and you don’t have to worry even if the labels fall off.

This being said, it’s time you follow the packaging tips stated above or approach a renowned removal company and you can stay assured that your office removal will be a lot easier than you think.