The novel coronavirus has indeed brought the day-to-day routine life around the world to a standstill. Social distancing is the only discourse right now to combat the harsh outcomes. Still, there are many activities which really cannot wait and moving or relocating is one such affair. Now, the question is whether moving services in Somerset are still available? If they are then what are the things to consider while moving during a pandemic situation? Here are some essential tips for the ones who have no option other than a move during the epidemic condition.

Are Moving Services Still Available?

There are a few caring moving services available in Somerset despite the lockdown situation. If the move is scheduled without a notification about rescheduling then probably it will take place.  It would be wise to give a call to the service provider to confirm the proceedings.

The significant changes right now are mainly in terms of the overall experience of the customer. It includes frequent hand washing of the movers and no physical contact in any case. Proper hygiene practices should be followed for sanitising the storage units. At the same time, a distance of at least 6 feet between movers and customers should be maintained.

Essential Considerations for Relocation During the Coronavirus Epidemic

Many are still not aware of the protocols to be followed during the coronavirus lockdown. The is high time that you update yourself about the recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These tips will make your move smooth and effective.

  • Inform your mover if there is anyone in the family suffering from Covid-19. It is imperative to maintain transparency to keep everyone safe. In case you are suspecting the illness or have decided to be in isolation, then also be clear to render it to the moving company.
  • Give your Movers an access to hygiene products like hand wash, sanitiser and aid them to follow hygienic practices. Put paper towels and soap by the sink and sanitiser at the doorway meant for their entry and exit.
  • Do not opt for recycled moving boxes as coronavirus can survive in cardboard boxes for about 24 hours.
  • If you have senior members in the family or someone having pre-existing respiratory and cardiovascular conditions then reconsider the decision to relocate at this moment.

It would be both a smart and wise decision to follow the standard rules of the epidemic as you are considering a move at this critical situation. The social distancing norm will although give you more time to be with yourself and organise things in a better way.

Alan R Farthing & Son is still among your trusted moving services in Somerset. Get in touch with them over the phone to have a better plan. Stay safe and stay healthy.